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The Kitchen
The Wardrobe
The Jewelry Box
Wild Animals
Domesticated Animals
The Library
Wild People
Domesticated People
The Classroom
Earth Wind Fire Water
Stone Glass Steel
The Workshop
The Computer Screen
The Silk Screen
The Laboratory
The Silver Screen
The Small Screen
The Haberdashery
The Costume Ball
The Garage
Odd Ones Out

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Ever had a vision that doesn't quite fit with the mainstream? Something off the beaten path? Unusual? Unique? Different?

That's what this group is for. People who go about things their own way. Maybe you're the only Steampunk artist for 50 miles. Maybe you cook dishes people boggle at until they try them. Maybe you have your own personal aesthetic that just stands out utterly. Show it off. Be original. Be creative. And inspire others. Whether you're following the trend or striving to be a trendsetter, be you and be proud of it.

Members are allowed two submissions per month. Why two? Because sometimes you just can't pick that one thing you want to show off. Why per month? To preserve my sanity. Do I expect you to believe I am sane? No, but that's my story and I am sticking with it.

Wonder what those folders with the strange names correspond to? Here's a key:

The Kitchen: Edible sculptures, recipes, ingredients and all things tasty. The need to eat is universal.

The Wardrobe: Whatever your fashion we know it's your passion. Show off your style here.

The Jewelry Box: Beads and baubles, gems and jewels, if it glitters and shines, put it here.

Wild Animals: Wild things, we think we love you, but we want to know for sure so put your photos of them here.

Domesticated Animals: Photos of pets, companions, and working animals all gather here.

The Library: To be or not to be here all depends on if it is the written word. Lyrics, poetry, prose and more.

Wild People: Wild th- no, wait, we did that. This is for people caught on camera candidly. Au natural. No, not in the buff, just not posed. Which may be in the buff, but then shame on you, you peeping tom.

Domesticated People: If animals can be domesticated, can people? Well, they can if they were posed perfectly for pictures here.

The Classroom: Tutorials and testimonies, this is the place for essays, pictorials, and other forms that tell you how to do it.

Earth Wind Fire Water: Elementary! Photos of landscapes and skyscapes and all other things natural go here.

Stone Glass Steel: Architecturally! Is that a phrase? It is now. Photos of cityscapes, urban exploration, interior decorating, and other manmade structures go here.

The Workshop: For those crafty sorts who loved woodshop or sculpting, this folder holds 3-dimensional art.

The Computer Screen: Art created digitally. This can be graphics, but also animations, movies, and other fun electronic objects.

The Silk Screen: Art created classically, whether on an actual silk canvas or a notepad. Oils or charcoal, pencils or pens, if it was drawn or painted by hand, it goes here.

The Laboratory: Gadgets and gizmos and wonders galore go here.

The Silver Screen: Ah, the cinema. Art of all sorts inspired by the movies we so love go here.

The Small Screen: Have a favorite show? A cartoon chararacter you love? If it came from late night TV, it goes here. We'll allow other times of the day also.

The Haberdashery: A whole folder just for hats? Madness! Why would we do that? Simple: we really like hats.

The Costume Ball: You have to have character to get into this folder. That's because it's for cosplay, LARPing, and just dressing up as your favorite characters.

The Garage: If it's a manner of locomotion, it goes here. For photos of cars and planes and boats and trains and more.

Odd Ones Out: Just what it says. It's stuck down at the bottom by itself for all of those odds and ends that just don't fit anywhere else. Yet. More categories can always be created.




No deviants to display.


Why did I make this group?

Because sometimes people make things that just don't fit easily into any proper category.  So I hope to give them a place to showcase their unique creations and maybe inspire others to break from the mold.  That's why it's Envision Inspiration.

Short post, huh?
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